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‘Twas the Night before Christmas
And at the North Pole
Gift delivery stress
Was taking its toll

Santa’s hard work
Was far from done yet
That’s why he was craving
Just one cigarette

On course Santa knew
That once he lit up
He’d surely keep smoking
Till the pack was used up

That’s when he turned
To his shiny smartphone
For these easy ways
To leave nicotine alone 

Try stopping cold turkey
There’s nothing to lose
You might feel like hell
But then you can cruise

Cravings will come
And cravings will go
Take several deep breaths
And drink H-2-O

Give it 5 minutes
And cravings will pass
Or get yourself moving
(Kick yourself in the ass)

Try push-ups, or crunches, or wall squats, or curls
Do planks, or do burpees, walk the dog and chase squirrels
A stroll or a workout,
And saving your liver,
Will give you a present even Santa can’t deliver

Then you’ll hear Santa whoop
When BOTH of you quit
“Merry Christmas to all,
Cigarettes taste like $h¡t!”

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