Every guy appreciates a win-win situation. For example, It’s common knowledge that smoking is an expensive habit, so why not save hundreds of dollars a month and get a free steak dinner? It’s a win-win! Drastically improve your health and score more often in the bedroom? Another win-win! Here’s how to kick a bad habit and keep it unboring:

The “wins” in these scenarios revolve around a single goal: Kicking the smoking habit. It’s no secret that butting out will save you a fortune, boost your libido and improve your overall health big time. What you may not know is that motivating yourself to quit by putting something on the line, such as that tasty t-bone, produces positive results. A recent smoking study revealed that smokers with $150 of their own money at stake were much more likely to kick the habit than those who didn’t have to risk their own cash to win a reward.

So if you want to quit smoking, and you have a buddy or relative who wants to do the same, why not make it interesting? Here’s how this kind of wager can work:

1. Set a “quit – by date” about a month from the start of the bet.
It’s key to set a date, while also not giving yourself enough time to change your mind. It’s also key to select a day that won’t come with any built-in triggers, like a special occasion or stressful time. Check out Quit Now Men for more tips to make setting a quit – date easy!

2. Establish the stakes. As much fun as it would be to watch your opponent wear a prom dress to your next friendly poker game, wagering something you would both love to win will be more appealing: Sports tickets, a meal out, a round of golf, a crisp $100 bill, you get the idea.

3. Quit smoking by whatever means necessary. Try switching in snacks, gum or mints in place of cigarettes. This can help with the psychological dependence in regards to having something in the hand or mouth.  Here are some more great tips.

4. It’s not about who quits first. If both of you achieve your goal by the predetermined date, then you both get the agreed-upon prize. You’ve both earned it, after all. Plus, you’ve both won something much more important: A life without cigarettes. If neither of you achieves your goal, the result is a solid start, though no one wins the prize. But don’t give up! As they say, if at first you don’t succeed…dream up another win-win wager!

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