September is kind of like going to the dentist: no one really wants the day to arrive, but there’s no avoiding it. Fall means new projects inevitably ramp up at work and home, which means stress-coping habits like smoking, are likely to do the same.

Here’s why the weeks after Labour Day present the best time to kick nicotine to the curb once and for all:

  • Your support system is tuned in
    Between 1999 and 2012, the number of smokers in Canada dropped from 25% of the population to just 16%. If you’re one of the few still regularly smoking, chances are you’ve made more than a few New Year’s resolutions to quit.

How you win: In September, friends and family are more available to hold you accountable on quitting because they won’t have their own resolutions to distract them.

  • Fewer temptations help you establish routine
    During the summer; patios, beaches and parks are open for business, which means tobacco temptation abounds. Add alcohol to the mix and it’s a recipe for smoking like a chimney.

    How you win: As the weather changes in September, so do those sun-soaked afternoons, so try establishing a non-smoking routine before other commitments demand your time.

  • You want to look good
    OK, this is every month, but quitting cigarettes has huge benefits on your appearance and health at any age. Even better, smokers who quit before age 35 have mortality rates similar to guys who never smoked.

Make it stick this time:

Smokers are well aware of the temptations to slide back into old habits. Once you decide that you’re ready to quit, make it a priority to check out the awesome resources available to Canadian smokers like, and the app, which gives you coping mechanisms every time you’re tempted to light up.

Still need a kicker to quit? Check out the Men’s Health Check health awareness tool to change your outlook on your overall health.