Get Started

Get started with a few little changes to better your health. Follow a day in the life of the Average Joe below to see how a series of small decisions can make a big difference.

Early Morning

Skip the sugary cereal.
You’re not 9 anymore.

Joe eats a hearty breakfast of oatmeal and eggs. Because of this he’s not already hungry by 9am at work. He not only controls his weight, he also lessens his risk of diabetes. Read more…

Guys who eat 3 to 5 helpings a day of whole grains have a 25% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, thanks to whole grains still having all their original nutrients. White bread bad. Whole grain bread good.


Throughout the day

You’re mostly water.
Drink lots of you.

Drinking 5 tall glasses of water during the day makes Joe feel more awake in the morning and helps him manage his weight better. Sure, it makes him pee like a demon... but that’s alright because he’s flushing all the toxins from his body. Read more…

Guys who take this simple advice to heart are 54% less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack than those who drink less than two glasses daily. Bottoms up.



Reach not for the donut.

Joe reaches for a banana instead. For one thing, they’re way less sticky. Plus he won’t look like a '70s TV show cop. Besides, bananas are known as nature’s donuts. Ok, maybe not. But now they are. Read more…

You don’t actually need scientists to tell you donuts aren’t so good for you, do you? Didn’t think so.



Half-fries, half-salad.

Skipping fries for a salad — or at least the old half and half compromise — keeps Joe from crashing hard after lunch or feeling like his stomach is overflowing over his belt. Read more…

Good news — you can count your half salad as one of your helpings of fruit or veggies in a day.


After work

Play hard. Stay hard.

Just 15 minutes of physical activity after work spells a lot more, ahem, fun for Joe at night. Read more…

Just an hour and a half of moderate activity a week is associated with 50% less risk of erectile dysfunction. And everyone loves erectile function.



Be social. Stay social.

Joe likes to head out with some buds for a drink or two. And keeping it under three a night keeps Joe from being hungover and irritable the next day. Plus, a nip here and there actually is kinda, sorta good for you. Read more…

For most men, moderate alcohol intake has overall health benefits, including protection against heart attack. We’re talking 10 drinks a week and no more than three drinks a day, fellas. And skip those salty peanuts when you go out—they just make you want that extra pint, anyway.



For a good night’s sleep,
actually go to sleep.

Joe’s no man of leisure, so sleeping in isn’t an option. But he can still have a better night’s sleep by turning off the TV and keeping other distractions like his laptop out of the bedroom. Shutting down sooner gets him more shut eye, as well as more concentration and energy the next day. Read more…

Sleep deprivation can lead to a 25% reduction in testosterone levels. G’night Joe.


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