Deflect the Flu in 2 Simple Steps

Deflect the Flu in 2 Simple Steps

Catching the flu is kind of like getting hit in the forehead by a baseball – you don’t actually want it to come your way, because it’ll knock you right out. With fall in full swing, flu season is once again upon us, and it seems nearly impossible to avoid those sniffling, bleary-eyed carriers all around you.

The good news is you can deflect the flu by doing a couple of really simple things. And while they don’t involve drinking more beer (damn!), they’re easy enough that they should be a part of every man’s autumn existence.

  1. Wash your hands like you’re about to perform open heart surgery: During flu season (November to April), it’s more important than ever keep your hands as clean as possible before touching your face or eating. You don’t need to go full-on hypochondriac, but if you’re vigilant after touching doorknobs, keyboards, or anything else there could be germs, you just might save yourself from becoming one of the flu-suffering masses.
  2. Get the *cough* away from me: At work, on the bus, and even at home, flu sufferers can’t help but spread the love through coughing and sneezing. Offer a gentle reminder that covering up with a tissue (and if one isn’t available to use their sleeve) means there’s a lesser risk of the flu bug wafting into your vicinity. Even better: when you see someone with a sneeze coming on, take a detour! Better to leave the room or move to another part of the bus than suffer through a week of body aches.

Getting  the flu shot: 

Every year, a bunch of doctors who are really smart spend their days putting together immunization shots for the entire population. Some workplaces offer flu shots for free, so be sure to ask.

And remember: sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!

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