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With reliable information and easy tips, we know every guy can make small changes that will have a big impact on his health. Change...but not that much.

Easy ways to get healthy...

Sleep more

Be a hero and get seven hours of sleep a night to feel healthier.

Breathe More

Taking time to breathe more is an easy way to get healthy.

Walk more

Park a few blocks away from your destination and walk further.

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Sample weekly health tips

Meet Alan and Toby, weekly health tips subscriber’s that made some small changes

I started out by walking around the field at my kids' soccer games, instead of sitting in the car. Now, I enjoy being active, especially with my family.

— Alan Scholes A Dad on the go!

Start with a little change that isn't a big deal and enjoy that process. That one small change can be like the domino effect. leading to much larger changes in the future.

— Toby Hargrave BC comedian and actor