Men’s Health Check

It may not be at the top of your to-do list, but getting a handle on your health is on there somewhere. The trouble is, it’s waaaaaaay below priorities like bringing home the bacon, spending time with loved ones, and having some hard-earned fun once in a while.

So here’s some awesome news. In less time than it takes to fry actual bacon, the first online tool of its kind will help you dodge unhealthy bullets ranging from erectile dysfunction to type 2 diabetes. Our health check tool fills you in on where you stand and provides straightforward doctor-backed tips.

It’s free. It’s confidential. It’s built for guys. It helps you take control of your health.

Why you should give a flying duck

How do we know you’re unhealthy? We don’t. What we DO know is that 70 percent of Canadian guys have 2 or more unhealthy habits, and that 80 percent are stressed. Put this together, and you’ve got a recipe for chronic disease and lacklustre quality of life. In short, if this sounds familiar, you’ve got plenty of company.

The good news is that just 30 percent of Canadian men’s chronic health conditions are genetic. The remaining 70 percent are caused by lifestyle. This means you can feel better and live longer by kicking unhealthy habits and stress to the curb. You’re in control! Now grab the wheel and start steering with some help from Men’s Health Check. 

Take control of your health 

Men's health check

Using the Men’s Health Check tool isn’t like going to see the doctor. You know, that person you keep avoiding because you’re pressed for time, or because you can’t get the name “Doctor Jellyfinger” out of your head…

For one thing, you don’t need a particular reason to use Men’s Health Check. For another, you don’t need an appointment—it takes around 10 minutes to run through the easy health questionnaire, and you can do it wherever and whenever you want. Men’s Health Check won’t comment on aches and pains that have come out of nowhere or notice if your belly sticks out a bit further than it used to.

Small step = big benefits

Men's health check

We’re not saying Men’s Health Check is the best way to spend 10 minutes—that may have something to do with your significant other—but it does deliver the goods in some pretty awesome ways. It helps you: 

  • Know where you stand health-wise.
  • Know more about your health than your significant other! (Seriously, it is possible.)
  • Know where to start your journey towards better health. 
  • Know which small changes will have the biggest impact. 
  • You know what they say: Knowledge is power!

What’s under the hood?

Built especially for men, developed by medical doctors, and based on scientific evidence. Men’s Health Check is completely anonymous and shares its health insights with a free report showing if you’re at risk for any of the 8 most common men’s health diseases and conditions and what your risk level is. It also includes a health screening schedule so you can see what needs to be checked and when.

So what are you waiting for?