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Why April Fool’s Day is Good For Your Health

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Laughter can relieve stress and lower your blood pressure

Think of the body’s circulatory system like a network of roads –– your blood cells are the vehicles, and your arteries are the roads.

Your blood pressure is basically the same: when it’s higher than normal, it pummels the delicate lining of your blood vessels. If you don’t do anything about it, your arteries can be left with structural damage, inflammation and even plaque build-up.

The thing is, lifestyle changes can reduce your risk for high blood pressure. The power to prevent high blood pressure is in your hands!

Check out our 5 easy tips to control your blood pressure, and get those arteries flowing freely once more:

  1. Get checked regularly – Your doctor knows what’s up with blood pressure. Get checked once every 2 years or more, depending on your doctor’s advice.  Make it habit every now and then to put your arm in a blood pressure machine at the pharmacy or grocery store. It’s a great and simple way to keep an eye on your blood pressure between doctor visits.
  2. Cut the salt – Salty proteins like smoked, cured or canned meats and fish are the worst culprits, so try switching up these meats with a grilled chicken breast or fresh fish.
  3. Move a little – Even 20 minutes of daily moderate exercise (walking counts!) helps to regulate your blood pressure.
  4. Reduce the booze – If you drink alcohol, limit yourself to a few drinks a day. The Canadian Heart Foundation recommends that guys consume no more than 3 drinks a day and suggests 2 alcohol free days a week.
  5. Chill out – Stress is a major contributor to high blood pressure. Remember that leisure time is part of a healthy life, so grab a movie, laugh with family or friends, try meditating, or get out into nature.
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