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Guy’s Guide to Unboring Health Tips

10 awesome-ly fun tips to boost your energy, eliminate hangovers, and strengthen your mind.

It’s time to get healthy your own way

You don’t have to be Indiana Jones, you just need to take the road less travelled once in a while. Take the boring out of getting healthy with these awesome activity ideas and life tips. Kick start your mission to be a better you and build a healthier, way more awesome life. 

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Eliminate hangovers, and strengthen your mind with these awesome-ly fun tips.

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Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) is a national, registered charity established in 2014. We exist because men often neglect their health until it’s too late, and yet 70% of men’s health problems are preventable. We want to show men how they can live healthier by incorporating small changes into their daily lives.

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