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Canada’s top influencers, world-class athletes and subject matter experts share their own experiences for better mental and physical health.

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Mental Wellness for Men

Get the right tool for the job. Free mental health resources for men to manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

Men's Health Check

Know Your Health Risk

In 10 minutes, learn your risk level for the 8 most common health conditions affecting Canadian men. Men’s Health Check is free, anonymous and backed by medical experts.

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Get Active

Eat Healthier

Lower Stress

Sleep Better

Drink Less

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking: Health Tips For Men

You know smoking is bad for you. You know you should quit. But quitting is MUCH easier said than done. That’s where these blog posts and other resources come in with step-by-step tips for kicking the habit, one smoke-free day (or hour) at a time.