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Our reliable information and easy tips can help guys and their families make small, lasting changes that will have a big impact on their health.

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Hear some of Canada’s top influencers, world-class athletes and subject matter experts who share their lived experiences and insights for better mental and physical health.

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What Our Guys Say

Don’t Change Much has made me realize that I’m not the only guy that faces struggles and insecurities with daily life. The guides and tips provided have given me the boost I needed to not only survive but thrive during the pandemic.
Ronald Wong

British Columbia

Don’t Change Much has provided some great information and guidance. The information provided has assisted with a number of things such as weight, drinking, mental health etc. I’m so happy that I found a source such as this to help me get through some difficult times, especially during the pandemic.
DJ Nascimento


I like that there are relevant articles that deal directly with Men’s health issues. I appreciate being able to share this great resource with a number of my friends. I feel like I’m promoting good health and that I’m showing them that I care about them.
Tom Veenstra

British Columbia

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