Don’t Change Much for Grey Cup

Big game, small changes! See how CFL fans across Canada are living healthier one easy step at a time.

Orlando Bowen

How to make the power of perspective work for you.

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Doug Brown

A CFL legend’s journey from fear to fulfillment.

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8 delicious recipes for a healthier game day

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Easy health tips, delicious recipes, and inspiring stories from CFL legends, all in one place. How awesome is that?

#dontchangemuch for Grey Cup

Canadians on a mission to get fairly healthy.

Here’s another #DontChangeMuch tip for the Canadian @menshealthfdn Bahds!

#DontChangeMuch challenge continues. Added another 5 minutes to my daily cardio. Up to 40 minutes and just shy of 10 km. #MensHealthMonth


Gentlemen, I’m helping the The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (@dontchangemuch) to get the message out that there tweaking your life can have a big impact. So, if you travel a lot, like I do, start taking the stairs at your hotel. #DontChangeMuch


Canadian men—remember: #DontChangeMuch to build healthier lifestyles for yourselves! Take the stairs. Drink more water.
What will YOU do today to make for a healthier you?
@DontChangeMuch @menshealthfdn


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