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Get to know our partners, they’re as committed to men’s health as we are.
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CMHF is proud to partner with national health organizations, media partners and companies that are committed to improving men’s health across Canada, including:

Province of BC

Program Partner

Grants provided by the Province of B.C. allowed the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation to conduct important research on communicating to men about health and creating an effective men’s heath promotion campaign.

Robert and Viktoria Little Foundation

Program Partner

Generous donations by the Robert and Viktoria Little Foundation further the work of the Canadian Men’s Health foundation to improve the health of Canadian men.

Canadian Football League Alumni Association

Program Partner

The CFLAA fosters a lifelong relationship between the Canadian Football League and its alumni, and provides support to alumni, to football in Canada, and to other communities it serves. The CFLAA unites former CFL Players in support of sport, youth, and health-related and charitable causes; former CFL players experiencing a medical challenge that creates a financial hardship; and promoting football in the community.

Canadian Urological Association

Health Partner

The CUA exists to promote the highest standard of urologic care for Canadians and to advance the science of urology.

The CUA is a national member-based organization dedicated to enabling the profession to provide the highest possible standards of urologic care by collaboratively:

  • Fostering excellence in urologic practice through advocacy, education, research and practice support tools
  • Leading evidence-based clinical practice through the development of practice standards and guidelines
  • Providing continuous professional development for Canadian urologists along the career-path continuum
  • Providing leadership in public education for urologic conditions
  • Representing the Canadian urologic community in relationships with governments as well as national and international medical societies.

Boilermakers of Canada

Program Partner

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmith, Forgers and Helpers (IBB) is a union that was established to implement the natural right of workers to organize. Over 130 years ago, Boilermakers and Iron Ship Builders from across North America established this union so that workers could secure work with dignity along with improved wages, hours, working conditions and other economic advantages through collective bargaining.

Today the Boilermaker Union still works to achieve those goals stated above. Today’s union members have a large range of skills to perform the physical work of constructing, repairing, maintaining, inspecting and operating the industrial and military infrastructure that allows us all to function freely in a modern and global economy. The IBB gives back to society with many local and national initiatives that assist the communities in which our members or facilities are located. Many of the members of the union also work to improve our modern society by volunteering in their communities. Our employers and clients benefit from the “Boilermaker Advantage” as we have a large membership base of highly skilled boilermaker members who are ready, willing, and able to work in any condition, anywhere in North America, on very short notice. Our focus is getting the job done right the first time with zero lost time accidents.

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers is proud to partner with the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation.

Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS)

Health Partner

The CFMWS mission is to contribute directly to the Forces’ philosophy “people first, mission always” through the provision of a full range of fitness, sports and recreation; family and charitable support; retail and personal financial services that enable our members to focus on operational effectiveness and better tackle the unique challenges of military life.

Shout Outs

A special thanks to all the people who have helped us along the way.

  • Dr. Ian Banks
  • Dr. Jack Barker
  • Dr. Tony Bella
  • Dr. Francois Bernard
  • Nick Black
  • Dr. Dan Bilsker
  • Dr. Colin Carrie
  • Dr. Richard Casey
  • Mary Clayton
  • Kerri Dawson
  • Dr. Gary Dowsett
  • Dr. Louis Fransecutti
  • Dr. David Greenberg
  • Dr. Carolyn Gotay
  • Dr. Art Hister
  • Dr. Kendall Ho
  • Simon Jackson
  • Dr. Karl Kabasele
  • Hans Krueger
  • Dr. Saul Isserow
  • Dr. Keith Jarvi
  • Dr. Karim Khan
  • Dr. Jay Lee
  • Dr. James Leone
  • Baron Manett
  • Mickey McDowell
  • Dr. Bob McMillan
  • Victoria & Neil McPhedran
  • Scott Moore
  • Dr. Al Morales
  • Dr. Larry Mroz
  • Tim Murphy
  • Dr. Stu Oak
  • Linda Oglove
  • Dr. John Oliffe
  • Dr. David Patrick
  • Dr. Peter Pommerville
  • Dr. Farshad Pourmalek
  • Dr. Noel Richardson
  • Dr. Steven Robertson
  • Derek Roelofson
  • Dr. Michael Rovito
  • Dr. Jennifer Schwartz
  • Dr. Jean Shoveller
  • Dr. Sean Skeldon
  • Ian Smith
  • Roberta Staley
  • Martin Tod
  • Dr. Gilles Tremblay
  • Susan Wirtz
  • Mahmoud Virani

Business Advisory Group

  • Bill Baker
  • John DeLucchi
  • Marcel Labbe
  • Robert Murray
  • Bob Quartermain
  • Randy Savoie
  • Rick Shier
  • Ron Telpner
  • Shawn Zanganeh

Staff of the Men’s Health Initiative of BC

  • Dr. Richard Bebb
  • Dr. Stacey Elliott
  • Shannon Griffin
  • Yi-Hong Li
  • Caroline Okulicz
  • Dr. Richard Wassersug

Various Teams

  • 45 Robots
  • Ariad Communications
  • B.C. Women’s Hospital
  • Central Park Medical Clinic
  • Crave PR
  • Deloitte
  • Old Orchard Medical Clinic
  • Rethink Communications
  • Spectrum Health Care Ltd.
  • The Doctors Office
  • UBC e-Health Strategy Office
  • Value Property Group

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