Quit Smoking: Health Tips For Men

You know smoking is bad for you. You know you should quit. But quitting is MUCH easier said than done. That’s where these blog posts and other resources come in with step-by-step tips for kicking the habit, one smoke-free day (or hour) at a time.
Quit Smoking

Latest Quit Smoking Tips

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Our Latest Quit Smoking eBooks

Kick-Butt Guide to Kicking Butts

Get the tools and strategies you need to ditch the cigarettes and tobacco with this ultimate guide to nixing nicotine.

Blueprint for Better: 5 Stages of Change

Prepare yourself for change. Plan your steps towards a healthier life and overcome the obstacles life throws at you.

Where Do You Stand?

The simplest way to know where you stand in terms of your health, and where you stand compared to other Canadian guys.

Shop Products to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Meditation Books

Looking to butt out for good? These titles can help you achieve your awesome goal.

Fidget Spinners

Keeping your hands and mind busy with these mesmerizing toys can help keep cigarette cravings at bay.

Nicotine Patches and Gums

A highly addictive drug like nicotine calls for highly effective replacement therapies like these.

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