3 Life Hacks All Dads Need to Know

It’s tough juggling work and family on a good day — let alone taking care of our health, and champion triathlete Simon Whitfield can relate more than you’d think. These days, as a business owner and father, Simon joins millions of other guys in a different kind of triathlon: Balancing work, family life, and health.

How did Simon rediscover the balance he was looking for in life? These three hacks were key:

Start your day off right

“The way I start my day determines how the rest of it goes,” Simon says. “After a shower, I’ll take a brisk walk around the block followed by 10 minutes of meditation” he describes as “basically doing nothing. Just sit quietly and breathe deeply until you feel ready to go.”

A simple morning ritual ensures that your day kicks off on a positive note.

Walk off your stress

“Find every opportunity to get up and move,” Simon continues. “Think about those days when you don’t take the dog for a walk,” he points out. “He goes nuts! Guys aren’t that different. Exercise helps maintain and restore the balance in our lives.”

He suggests getting some simple exercise over your lunch break at work. Check out 3 Ways to Give Your Lunch Break a Boost for a few ideas.

Be a kid with your kids

“As adults, we develop all these reasons we can’t do things: Work deadlines, family responsibilities, and simply being tired,” Simon adds. Board games and time outdoors are two of the many ways he connects with his kids by simply having fun and being silly.

We’re much better off when we make time for fun things instead of only the serious stuff.

In short, finding balance isn’t just good for you — it’s also a lot of fun!


Photo courtesy of @Simon.Whitfield


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