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Top 7 High-Protein Foods for Men

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Nutrition

Men are no fools that Mr. T pities – when it comes to protein, we know not all meat is created equal. But do you know whether chicken or beef packs a bigger protein punch? How about non-meat options like beans or dairy? Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, find out which protein powerhouses are king with our easy guide below:

1. Chicken breast, turkey breast, and white lean pork


For lean meat, there’s no better choice than these three (chicken, turkey and white pork). They pack incredible servings of protein while staying slim on calories and fat. That’s enough to repair those muscles after the most intense of workouts. Give these Jamaican Grilled Chicken Kebabs a try.

2. Tuna


The chicken of the sea is an easy lunchtime sandwich fix. Go for Albacore tuna, mix it up with a bit of plain yogurt, and serve.

3. Greek Yogurt


According to the research, 2 cups of plain, non-fat Greek yogurt has about 50 grams of protein, double the protein of your average plain yogurt.

4. Eggs


Feeling a little rundown after your jog? Try an omelette to max out your protein intake.

5. Quinoa


Who knew, right? Throw these cooked rice-like grains on a salad or serve as a side dish for a proper protein top-up.

6. Cottage Cheese


Try cottage cheese or ricotta cheese to increase your muscle-building power.

7. Beans and lentils


You can’t go wrong with meals like black bean tacos, chickpea curry, hummus or lentil soup. We could go on, but just know that while beans may make you toot, they also rock a protein punch.

Did you know? 

The average adult guy needs about 56 grams of protein daily – that’s a can of tuna and chicken breast a day. Protein is an essential building block that helps your body maintain and repair itself. Find out exactly how much protein you need here.

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