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4 Ways to Protect Your Prostate

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Prevention

Let’s face it, a prostate exam is a necessary medical procedure for us guys. Although, a big problem is that prostate exams are avoided by most of us guys. They really shouldn’t be, so we might as well laugh at the thought of doctors sticking their gloved fingers up our butts.

What, you’re not laughing yet? Maybe this zinger will help:

Jerry was a bit uncomfortable during his last prostate exam. He said to his proctologist, “Is that your wedding ring?” “No,” the doctor replied. “That’s my watch.”

Don’t freak out guys. The exam is easy and takes only a moment.

All joking aside, prostate exams need to be taken seriously. After the age of 40, the walnut-sized prostate gland can become inflamed, grow, block urine flow, or become cancerous. Statistics show that a whopping 1 in 7 guys face a positive diagnosis in their lifetime.

The good news: There’s plenty you can do to avoid hearing the C-word from the doctor after the exam.

Tips to help prevent prostate cancer

Get it on: Whether through masturbation or sex, some research indicates that ejaculating may help flush out your system and clear out cancerous cells along the way. Talk about a win-win!

Get active: Research has repeatedly shown that boosting your heart rate on a regular basis can lower your risk of getting prostate cancer by up to 20 per cent.

Eat right: Lots of tasty, easy-to-prepare foods help prevent prostate cancer. Blueberries, almonds and dark chocolate, for example, are full of antioxidants that help flush toxins out of your body and help fight all forms of cancer. Blueberry-almond chocolate brownies, anyone? The same goes for most fruits and vegetables, as well as fish. Salmon, tuna and herring also contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Avoid eating a lot of red meat, such as beef, pork and lamb

Cut out the hard stuff: Drinking hard liquor has been shown to increase the risk of prostate cancer, as has cutting down overall booze consumption. If that sounds like a tall order, we’re here to help.

Quit smoking: The Prostate Cancer Canada charitable organization, which is always a great source of info on the topic, points to preliminary research showing that smoking may be a risk factor for prostate cancer. Kicking the habit is one of the best things you can do for your overall health, why not do it anyway? Again, we’re here to help.

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Adam Bisby
Adam Bisby

Adam Bisby is a Toronto-based freelance journalist and father of two. His award-winning stories have appeared in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and National Post newspapers, in magazines like Explore, Reader’s Digest, International Traveller and Canadian Family, and on websites including MSN, MSN Canada, and DontChangeMuch.ca. Visit Adam’s website for more details on his award winning work.

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