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3 Glorious Ways to Crush Prostate Cancer

by | Nov 24, 2014 | Prevention

As much as we like to think we’re Superman, there are some very serious facts around men’s health, like 1 in 8 of us guys will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in our lifetime. Luckily, while Prostate Cancer is often a scary subject, prevention can actually be quite entertaining. In fact, we’ve gone on the hunt to find you three fun ways that guys can fight Prostate Cancer.  


Play with yourself

Not that guys need any encouragement to show themselves some love– if you catch our drift – but researchers are starting to look into the correlation between ejaculating reducing guys’ chances of contracting Prostate Cancer. No, really!

Whether it’s through masturbation or sex, some research alludes that it may help flush out your system; clearing cancerous cells along the way. That being said, to see any difference you will be looking at bopping the baloney around 21 times a month. So have fun with it.


Play with others

Erm, no, not in that way. Instead we’re talking about team sports.

Everyone knows that exercise is good for our health. After all, we’re designed to be active and researchers have repeatedly shown that regular aerobic training can lower your risk of contracting prostate cancer by 10 – 20%.

Of course knowing that you need to do more exercise and actually getting your ass off the sofa are two different things entirely. So instead of watching football on TV why not call up a few friends and go toss a ball about? It’s infinitely more enjoyable that trudging off to the gym and a great way to catch up with the guys too.


Food, sweet food

All too often we hear what you can’t eat if you want to cut your chances of getting prostate cancer. Fried foods, red meat, processed snacks; it’s essentially a laundry list of your guilty (or not so guilty) pleasures.

So what can you eat?


Tomatoes, garlic and scallions are crammed full of healthy antioxidants that help to flush toxins out of your body and help fight cancer in the long run. On their own they may not sound too fun, but put them together and you’ve got the basis of a pretty good marinara sauce! So why not get cooking and cut your risk of Prostate Cancer whilst tickling your taste buds?


So there you go – eat, drink and have a very merry Movember.

Small changes in lifestyle can add up to a big difference in the long run. If you’re looking to take further action check out, The Moustache Chronicles, to read about Olympic Gold Medalist, Adam Kreek’s Movember adventures or why not leave us a comment to give us your own fun cancer fighting tips.

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