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De-Stress At Your Desk With This One Simple Move

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For all you cubicle dwellers out there, this one simple move is a sure-fire way to help you de-stress. Traditional office jobs are safer compared to more labor-intensive, blue-collar work, but as it turns out, the long hours, stress of tight deadlines and sedentary nature office jobs can really take a toll on your mind and body.  

Before you know it, you’re feeling more like a shuffling zombie than a regular, healthy guy. Shake that zombie mode with this one easy move that can be done right at your desk, you’ll be shocked at what a difference it can make.

How to master the office hip stretch

This simple hip stretch can be modified to suit anyone sitting at a desk.

Step 1: Sitting at your desk, cross your right foot over your left knee, extending the left leg out a little if necessary.

Step 2: Keeping your right foot flexed to protect the ankle, lift the upper body tall, then hinge forward at the hips with a flat back.

Step 3: Hold the stretch for several deep breaths, lengthening the outer hip muscles.

Step 4: Repeat on the other side.

Busting out this stretch during your workday can yield a range of health benefits. The most notable benefit is that it’ll decrease your risk of lower back and sciatic pain. The flexibility you’ll gain in your legs and hips will make it easier to do simple tasks such as bending forward to pick something up.

Adam Bisby
Adam Bisby

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