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How to turn everyday chores into easy workouts at home

by | May 21, 2020 | Activity

How are you? Everyone healthy and ok out there? This is all a little weird, right? Do you have enough toilet paper? So many questions…

This reminds me of that phrase, “Be careful what you wish for.” I have always dreamed of a carefree life with no obligations or commitments. Now that I have it, I realize I should never be left to my own devices ever again. It would seem that I am apparently now retired. Nothing is filming, there are no shows on the go, and I have seemingly attempted to become some sort of self-taught sommelier and Doritos aficionado.

Writing this blog has single-handedly taken two weeks to get together. It’s not that the last two weeks have been free of any exercise. I leave the wine bottle in the kitchen so that I have to go up the stairs to refill (cardio). I have children (weight lifting). I am learning to appreciate the intrinsically rewarding nature of COVID memes (mental sharpness).

Send help is what I’m saying.

Do something small every day

Toby Hargrave musing about doing something small every day

About a week ago, I kind of got to a point where I had to “shit or get off the pot.” Given that we have an abundant supply of toilet paper right now, I decided to give ‘er a go. And that, my friends, may, in fact, be the worst allusion that I have ever come up with.

The idea of going to the gym (that isn’t open anyway) or out for a run was overwhelming. The idea of making a meaningful change when so much that was meaningful in my life is no longer possible, at least for the time being, seemed pointless. I was sleeping late, eating poorly, and the daily news was filled with “ugh.”

So here’s what I’ve decided I have to do now; something every day. Walk to check the mail, dig a hole, change a fence post, whatever. In those quiet moments, I’m trying to appreciate how lucky I really am –– I call them perfect moments. For me, these perfect moments come when I see my kids playing together while sitting in the backyard with a beer, or as I watch the trees move in the wind. For those few seconds, nothing else matters. Everything is good. I am wanting for nothing, and I am enough, perfect…and then inevitably one child hits the other, the beer foams over, or my son has a blowout. For that one moment, though, everything was perfect, and I was awake to it.

An easy way to get in shape at home

Toby Hargrave carrying firewood outdoors

I also discovered the 10-minute man workout on the Don’t Change Much Facebook page. After reading the “nuanced commentary” from some, I decided if they can do it, I can certainly try and fit aspects of this workout into my day. Pro-tip: If you’re proud of being a “10-minute man” or that you give your wife “10 minutes a week” (nudge nudge, wink wink), then realize you’re the only one. If you don’t want your partner to fake an orgasm, you shouldn’t fake foreplay.

Take the 10 Minute Man Workout Challenge

On May 24th, join Toby for the launch of an easy workout challenge. Sweat 10-minutes a day for 7 days to shed the stress of COVID-19 isolation.

To get back to basics, I am starting small, and ten minutes seems achievable. I want to make sure I sweat for ten minutes every day. There’s plenty of exercise waiting for you at any turn these days when you’re maintaining your own place. You come to appreciate all that your condo fees or landlord covered. So that’s helped, getting the yard sorted and things built. There’s lots of lifting, shovelling, and bending needed to take care of our place that has become important to my daily routine. The good news is that the more out of shape you are, the less you have to do to get the ol’ Swollocks Betty — if ya know what I mean.

Easy workouts for the win

Toby Hargrave carrying a snowshoe indoors

So instead of trying to go to a gym (that isn’t open yet anyway), I’ve decided to make small changes in how I live my life. I’ve decided to add micro workouts to my daily trials and tribulations. Almost like a game of turning things that I am already doing anyway into exercise. I mean, I literally have a 35 lbs and 55 lbs pair of “dumbbells” running around me at all times anyway. So I might as well pick them up as I continue the journey towards making a better me.

Spoiler alert: I don’t think to keep the wine bottle in another room, so you have to get up to refill your glass will really make any difference. At least it’s something, or maybe a place to start.

What creative things are you doing to get through this pandemic?

If you’re thinking about fitting easy exercise into your day, we’ve got your back.

Download “The 10 Minute Man Workout” ebook right now.

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Toby Hargrave is a B.C.-based film and TV actor, radio personality, and award-winning veteran of North America’s standup circuit. Described as a “happy Hagrid” owing to his resemblance to Harry Potter’s oversized pal, Toby often pokes fun at his “casual” approach to wellness. Behind the scenes, however, he wanted to live healthier, and that’s when his inspiring Don’t Change Much journey began. Visit Toby’s Website for more information.

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