Get (Almost) Jacked With Just One Move

If you’ve been searching high and low for the silver bullet of workout moves, look no further: The burpee is the ‘El Capitan’ of keeping fit. Cardio? Rock hard abs? Guns of steel? Check, check, and check. The burpee has you covered — so get your blood pumping by doing this full-body, single sequence workout.

For Beginners: 

It might look easy, but don’t be deceived. Despite the goofy name, burpees have a reputation for being especially unforgiving, but don’t be scared off either. You can start out with a modified burpee before ramping up to the full-blown jump-and-dives (you’ll thank us later).

  1. Stand upright with arms at your side. Bend over and squat down.
  2. Place your hands on the floor, slightly wider than shoulder width and pop back into a push-up position.
  3. Hold in a planking position, then pull your legs forward back into a squatting position.
  4. Rise up to original standing posture.

Check out this graphic for easy reference: 



For a greater challenge:

Think you’re a tough guy? Then level up the burpee with some extra effort. Just don’t underestimate the energy needed for added jumping.

Repeat 1-3 of the beginner’s routine, but when you pop back up from a squat, jump before returning to your original standing posture. Sounds easy enough – but it’s going to burn baby burn! 


If you don’t want to spew all over your gym mate, give yourself a break after chugging water or wait at least an hour after eating a meal before trying this – it’s called a burpee for a reason.


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Stephen Doust
November 17, 2015

Just want to thank you guys for this site. I started out a few months ago with your 5 minute workout, which progressed from there to a longer and more varied workout and a few minor lifestyle changes per your tips. I am not the gym type, and I currently live in a very polluted city in China, so having a series of exercises (especially a program of easy ones to do without equipment) to do indoors and at home was the perfect way to get me working on my weight and physical fitness. As a father of three young kids with a professional career, finding time and motivation to exercise was a challenge. I found myself physically and mentally exhausted dealing with my kids when I got home from work. So I started getting up a bit earlier in the morning to work out and thought I could not sustain it as I'm not a morning person. But once I started seeing results, I was able to get up even earlier to put in more time. I have now lost 9 kg (20lbs) and have visibly gained muscle. I have never been in this good shape - and that at 47 years old! Feeling much better about myself and was able to add volunteering as a leader for my son's Cub Scouts to my week with the newfound energy. Also able to carry the baby around etc. without back pain. All in all, really pleased with your guidance and motivational content. Thanks a million.