“To alcohol! The cause of…and solution to…all of life’s problems.”

—Homer Simpson

Drinking has a time and place, and it can be a pleasant way to unwind after a hard day’s work, but hear us out: What guy doesn’t want more money, a healthier body and better sex? The problems caused by excessive drinking — financial troubles, liver issues, low libido, and nasty hangovers (ugh!) — are reasons enough to think twice before having one too many pumpkin ales this fall.

The question is, how many is too many? Around 10 drinks a week, no more than three a day, and 2 days a week with none is considered “moderate” consumption.

The biggest benefits of moderation

1. Extra cash in your wallet

Do the math: Every drink you don’t have puts a few extra bucks in your pocket. Cut your weekly drink count in half — say, from 20 to 10 — and you’ll save at least $100 if those pints are at a pub. In a year you’ll have saved more than $5,000!

2. A clear mind

The foggy thinking that accompanies drinking will disappear as your brain recovers and repairs itself. Not only that, you’ll have a clearer idea of how to spend that extra cash from the first benefit.

3. Improved sex life

Alcohol is rightly notorious for fuelling desire but hurting performance in bed. Cutting alcohol’s empty calories from your diet can make you trimmer — it’s not called a “beer gut” for nothing, right? Plus, the admiration and respect you’ll earn along the way from your significant other will score you some serious points.

Seems like Homer and the rest of us should toast to “taking it easy on the brewskies” instead!