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Jeff’s Journey, Part 5 — Show Up, and Keep It Simple, at the Gym

After struggling with his own waistline for years, Jeff Nesbitt achieved his wellness goals by embracing change. In this six-part series, Jeff shares the highs and lows of his journey, as well as advice and insights he gained along the way, in hopes of inspiring other men to do the same.

by | Jul 6, 2018

Show Up, and Keep It Simple, at the Gym

I didn’t beat myself up over my Friday Fumble. I learned a lot from it, after all, and I reminded myself that changing eating habits is a major psychological challenge. Research shows that it takes an average of 66 days to form new habits, and that dopamine-releasing bad ones are extremely difficult to break.

Besides, my new exercise regime was leaving my missteps in the dust. The pounds dropped off quickly after I started my new diet and milking my seldom used twenty-year old gym membership for all it was worth was a great way to keep the momentum going. Best of all, my workout plan was SO SIMPLE. How simple? There were really only two elements to it:

Just Show Up

The easiest thing is to just show up, no matter how you feel. So I showed up. For the first four months, I lived on the elliptical trainer. I would commit to one hour in the gym, and nothing less, every day. I put in the work and saw results.

Do the Math

I didn’t invest in the latest smartwatch or heart rate monitor that pairs with my smartphone. Instead, I did the math. Math was my saviour, as I knew exactly what my calorie intake and burn needed to be each day. I tracked my body mass index and weighed in every couple of days. I did all this through a simple spreadsheet. It was arguably my most important file that I updated every single day. It was easy, and it worked.

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