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Want to Feel More Connected With Your Kids? Father’s Day Tips to Improve Your ’Dad’ Game

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Lower Stress | 2 comments

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What does bonding with your kids and getting active have in common? They’re two ways to celebrate Father’s day and boost your ’Dad’ game. June 20th is Father’s Day 2021, and June is also Men’s Health Month. Here are tips to connect with your kids, be a better dad, make the most out of this Father’s Day, and get involved in the men’s health cause.

Get the family involved in Men’s Health Month

’Family’ is personal and different for everyone. It could be your kids and partner, siblings, parents, cousins, super close friends that are now ’family,’ or all of the above. If you’ve spent a lot of time with your family, then it may feel like there’s not much to talk about. Supporting men’s health and getting active can spark conversations and strengthen family connections. Here are 3 ideas to get the family involved:

  1. Make a family move pledge – Plan a goal and activities in June and Move for Your Mental Health.  
  2. Join one of the conversations on mental health – Pick one that is important to your family, watch it together, and talk about it.
  3. Share the virtual events with your family, friends, and neighbours.

10 great tips for being a more connected dad

Ever wonder how so many dads can be ranked No. 1? Here’s the deal: to their own kids, every single one of them really IS the greatest!

Of course, there’s always room for improvement and ways to create a closer relationship with your kids. Our good friends and collaborators over at Blueprint have some father-to-father tips for you. The organization’s three founders offer these 10 great tips for being a better “World’s Greatest Dad.”

Dr. John Izzo: Quality time meets hugs

As a “founding father” of the Vancouver-based Blueprint, Dr. John Izzo is all about bringing people together to improve guys’ lives. As a dad himself, John knows plenty about the power of a child’s love and offers these tips to help the love grow and thrive:

1. “Spend a few one-on-one minutes each day with each of your children. Be 100 percent focused. Ask them how they are doing and how their day was.”

2. “Ask them to tell you one way they would like you to be an even better dad. Listen deeply and don’t defend. Then act on their feedback.”

3. “When one of your children hugs you, no matter how old they are, don’t let go until they do. You might be surprised how much longer they want your hug!”

There are so many benefits of spending time with your child: you build their self-esteem, strengthen family bonds, develop good behaviour, encourage communication, improve their school work, and form positive relationships with others. The list goes on and on. Let’s not forget having a lot of fun together!

Dr. Duncan Shields: Curiosity meets self-esteem

4. “Find things that your kids are doing right, and compliment them on that. Kids will grow in the direction of your pride.”

5. “Be the father you wish you’d had. When your kids remember being stuck at home during the COVID-19 crisis or look back on their early life, what stories will they tell about their time with you?”

6. “Give your kids the gift of your quality attention. Don’t just tell them what to do or how to behave. Listening to them and being curious about how they think teaches them they’re worth listening to. Your children are your footprints in the future, and your job is to set them up to go further than you have been able to go.”

Dr. David Kuhl: Pride meets fun

7. “Spend time reading with your kids. If you don’t enjoy reading, tell them stories or use the pictures in books to have a conversation with them.”

8. “Tell your kids that you love them, that you’re proud of them, and that you would not want to live your life without them in it.”

9. “Hug your kids even before they hug you.”

10. “Once or twice a week, invite them to spend half an hour with you doing whatever they want to do.”

If they use that time to make you a “World’s Greatest Dad” gift, you’ll have earned the title all the more. “World’s Greatest-est Dad” may sound unusual, but it does have a nice ring to it. Now that the world’s greatest dad contest has been settled, you can also make the most out of this Men’s Health Month with your family by pledging to get moving and joining the events.

Help other dads out. What makes you feel like the “World’s Greatest Dad”? Rock star pancakes on the weekend? The way you sing their favourite song? Share the fun in the comments below!

How can you make those memories if you aren’t staying healthy and at the top of your game? We’ve got your back!

Download the free “Dad’s Guide to Being Awesome” ebook right now.

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  1. Jean Jacques Soucy

    Great stuff! Simple little things that you don’t always think of and don’t do. But when you read it, it only makes sense. Alot of dads I think wish they could here this while raising there kids
    Thank you

    • Timothy Serrano

      Hi Jean, Thanks for your encouraging comment. I’m glad we can bring this article to life for you. You’re very welcome! It’s a great reminder for dads that seemingly small things actually make a big difference in their relationship with their kids, especially now that they’re spending more time together at home amid COVID-19. Kind regards, Tim


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