Simple Ways to Calm the F*** Down

Pace of urban life got your blood pressure rising? Learn to take a chill pill and start weave your way to the finish the line with these simple ways to calm the f*** down.


Go do something physical

Get moving to release endorphins, the “happy drug” produced in your brain which gives you a natural euphoric high. (Exercise is also proven to ward off anxiety and stress)


Take 5

Recharge the batteries for a couple of minutes. Whatever the situation is just walk away and shut the door (don’t slam it), once you’re alone take a couple deep breaths.


Lose yourself

Play some of your favourite music. Music is an emotional trigger and can be a good way to clear your mind, allowing you to put the issue into perspective.


Be Grateful

You’re stuck in traffic, your boss is getting on your nerves or your wife’s been on your case lately? Think of something you’re grateful for and take a moment to realize just how lucky you are. 



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