It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s YOU when you eat healthier!

Watch any movie or TV show from Marvel or DC, and you almost never see superheroes chowing down. Don’t they get SUPER hungry?

Regular guys like you, on the other hand, need plenty of fuel for your everyday heroics: shovelling sidewalks, keeping spiders at bay, bringing home the bacon, you know the deal. And when you put healthy food in your tank instead of junk food, you get an awesome range of benefits that can make those everyday tasks so much easier. Eat healthier, and you could end up feeling like a member of the Justice League!

What other benefits does healthier eating deliver? Put down that snow-shovel for a second and check this out:

Look better

It’s no secret that eating fewer fatty, salty and sugary foods can help you lose weight. Eating more fibre-rich foods and drinking plenty of water, on the other hand, can help control your appetite. Put those easy changes together, and a slimmer, trimmer physique is bound to follow.

A trimmer bod is associated with attractiveness. What’s associated with attractiveness? You guessed it: getting more sexy looks from your significant other! And we all know where THAT can lead…

At the same time, replacing the unhealthy foods you ditched with protein-packed ones — think lean meats, poultry, fish, nuts and eggs — can help build muscle. Adding muscle to that slimmer physique is sure to turn more heads and get you some positive comments.

Feel better

Looking better can give you a serious shot of confidence, and this alone can make you feel better. Dropping a few pounds, meanwhile, can reduce joint pain and improve the quality of your sleep, and chase away fatigue and grogginess. Oh, and speaking of feeling better, your sex life may even improve.

Stay healthy

You’re looking and feeling great, and by eating healthier you may get more time to enjoy these benefits. Filling your plate with fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts lowers your risk of heart attack by about 30 per cent. Dropping pounds by eating healthier lowers the risk of life-shortening heart conditions, as well as bedroom conditions like erectile dysfunction. Eat less salt and sugar, and you reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Superman gets many of his powers from Earth’s yellow sun. Thor gets many of his powers from his mighty hammer. And YOU can get powers galore simply by eating healthier!

Just don’t try to lift a locomotive, OK?

Do you have any tips for eating healthier foods? Or an awesome recipe you’d like share? Let other guys know in the comments below!

Are you thinking about making healthy changes?

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Adam Bisby

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Robert Payton-Stewart
February 14, 2019


February 15, 2019

Really enjoy the way the Don't change much messages are presented in a light and humourous way. Makes getting healthy a realistic goal.