The Sexiest Body Part You’re Ignoring

The Sexiest Body Part You’re Ignoring

Sir Mix-A-Lot may have said it first, with “we like ‘em real big and juicy” but you would be surprised at how many of the fairer sex love a good booty as much as you do. The glutes (or butt) are among the largest and strongest muscles in the human body and should be the primary muscle that drives lower body movement (wink wink).


With a lack of gluteus muscle you are risking pinched nerves in your lower back and bad knees. You don’t want to be that guy, unable to move and sweating for no reason other than excruciating pain do you?


That being said, a strong butt is especially necessary if you spend a large amount of your day sitting. Start your trek to a sweet hiney with Split Squats which are the base exercise to almost all other glute and lower body workouts.

 Split Squats

1. Kneel on one knee like you’re about to propose. Smile because you don’t have to propose. Check your angles in the mirror.


 2. Keep your feet in the same position and rise to standing.


 3. Lower your body until your knee is an inch off the ground.



4. Engage your glutes, keep your hips pointing forward and rise to standing.


 Repeat 10 times on each side. 

Too Difficult try lowering your knee less


Too Easy add more reps or dumbbells for more weight


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