7 Great Tips for Improving Your Health

7 Great Tips for Improving Your Health

Simple healthy habits you can start right now

Change doesn’t have to be hard. Bananas blow bear paws away, guys. A few small changes throughout your day can lead to big improvements in your energy level, mood, and overall health.

Forming healthy habits can be as easy as swapping sugary breakfast cereal with oatmeal, drinking lots of water, swapping fries for salad when having lunch with the guys, parking a few extra blocks from the office, drinking only one or two beers after work (instead of four or five), and keeping electronics out of the bedroom.

A Healthy Day in Your Life — A few little changes make a big difference in your overall health.

  1. Morning

    Breakfast like a champion: A hearty serving of oatmeal and eggs prevents hunger pangs before lunch. The same can’t be said for sugary cereals, which add to your waistline and can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  2. All day long

    Drink plenty of water: Polishing off five tall glasses between breakfast and dinner makes you more alert and helps manage your weight. You’ll pee like a racehorse, but that’s good too because you’re flushing toxins from your body.

  3. Mid-morning

    Ditch doughnuts, go bananas: Bananas blow bear paws away when it comes to handling pre-lunch hunger. Plus, they boost your energy like nobody’s business. How do you think King Kong made it up the Empire State Building?

  4. Lunch

    Half fries, half salad: Swapping fries for a salad — or going with the old half-and-half compromise — keeps you from crashing hard in the afternoon or feeling like your belt is about to burst.

  5. After work

    Walk this way: Half an hour of physical activity five days a week works wonders for your health, and it’s easy to walk your way there. Get off the bus a few stops early and hoof it home. Or swap your work boots for sneakers and head for a local park. Slap on some headphones, fire up your favourite tunes, and let the good times roll!

  6. Evening

    Drink and be merry: Because it sends stress packing, enjoying a cold one (or two) with your buddies is actually good for you! But don’t get carried away — after all, who wants to wake up with an empty wallet and a hangover?

  7. Bedtime

    For a good night’s sleep actually go to sleep: No way you can sleep in? No problem: Shutting down earlier gets you more shut-eye, while turning off the TV and keeping laptops and other distractions out of the bedroom helps you sleep better. Do the sleep math: Quality plus quantity equals more energy and better concentration throughout your day.

What does your healthy day look like? Share your tips in the comments below.

This article was originally published on June 8, 2018.

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Adam Kreek and the Moustache Chronicles

Adam Kreek and the Moustache Chronicles

The Final Moustache Chronicle: November 30, 2014


While life as a true Gent is always brimming with adventure and interesting conversations, the month of Movember has officially come to a close. As a thanks for being such a great sport, we sent Adam over to an old-school barber in Victoria, BC to get the straight edge treatment that every hard working moustache wearer needs. 


Here are some photos of his last moustache adventure:




Moustache Chronicle: November 24th, 2014


This past week I had the pleasure of lecturing to a group of insurance professionals. In the audience, I saw a number of men sporting some stylish upper-lipped facial hairs,  half were Movembering, while the other half were – well – stylish and distinguished gentlemen. It made me wonder if they shared the same knowledge of law-enforcement bureaucrats in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, that mustaches command respect. Police in this Indian province receive a 66 cent pay bonus for growing a mustache. I wonder how ‘stache growth correlates to insurance sales??

Moustache Chronicle: November 16th, 2014

facebook-1 (1)

Last Friday, while at Hawksworth,  I was served by a first-class waiter who was displaying a waxed and curled mustache. And all I could think was- well done, good sir!

I remember when Movember first showed up as a social movement about a decade ago.  At that time, mustaches were shunned by pop culture. Now, a good mustache earns a special form of ironic status (see lumbersexuals). Good job society – I’d say it’s about time we leaned back into this artistic expression of manliness.

Moustache Chronicle: November 3rd, 2014

I’d say the emergence of the crustache is a good thing. 20 years ago – heck 10 years ago, imagine even saying the word prostate in front of a group of guys. You’d either get snickers, coughs or a punch in the face.

Crustaches mean conversations are beginning. These men are wearing the badge of prostate right across their faces and no one is even getting punched.

Now as I look at the young lads at the Canadian University Rowing Championships, where I was handing out medals, I see the various stages of ‘staches sporting the faces of many of the competitors, I smile.

This facial fun for men and the thorn in the side of women, is starting the conversations that were once avoided at all cost. I say we are going in the right direction; that’s 1 point for the changing face of masculinity in men’s health.

About Adam

There is a lot to learn from this “Don’t Change Much” Champion and modern day Viking; who is not only a lean, mean rowing machine but also is a trained Geotechnical Engineer who chairs the board of Greasecycle, a company that sucks up used cooking oil from restaurants and uses it to reduce carbon footprints.


The DCM (Don’t Change Much) Champ’s motivation to change the face of men’s health came from watching his wife’s grandfather take on and win the fight against prostate cancer, thanks in large to modern medicine.


That motivation along with the natural migration pattern in Adam’s hairline, prompted Adam to question what better way to grow support for men’s health than by making use of his now full ‘stache for the month of Movember?


That being said, the challenge is on and he is jazzed to be a part of the solution, to proactively promote preventative healthcare for men. Rooting him on, team at Men’s Health Foundation, wish Adam the best of luck and are looking forward to reading his first instalment of the Moustache Chronicles.


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