Celebrate Earth Day Everyday like Modern Gentlemen

Celebrate Earth Day Everyday like Modern Gentlemen

What do Earth Day and Mad Men have in common? Believe it or not, Earth Day wasn’t started by a bunch of eco-warriors in the rainforests of BC (though it would be pretty cool if it had been). It turns out one of the most famous ad men of the mid-century founded the April 22nd celebration, and coined the term “Earth Day.” (His name was Gaylord Nelson, and he was name-dropped by fictional ad man Don Draper in a TV episode.)

While you should probably avoid Don Draper’s tradition of sipping whiskey at work, you can still become a modern gentleman by making a few simple changes for Earth Day.

So check out our three easy tips that will make Mother Nature swoon over your dapper new choices:

So check out our three easy tips that will make Mother Nature swoon over your dapper new choices:

  1. A travel mug

    About 14 billion cups of coffee are consumed in Canada every year, and 35% of that is “to go.” Because most plastic coffee lids end up in the trash, a daily travel mug is a big thumbs up for the environment.

  2. Stop using straws

    Plastic straws are a massive problem for our oceans and landfills. Buy some non-disposable straws for home, and try drinking straight out of the cup when you’re eating out — with no lid if you swing it!

  3. Ditch the plastic grocery bags

    Those easy-to-forget cloth bags are a huge help to the environment, so try keeping four or five bags in your car or at work for when you need them. If you have a scheduled shop day, put a reminder on your phone to remember the reusable bags.

Want to do even more for Earth Day? Check out this awesome #BePlasticWise campaign by Ocean Wise and Men’s Health Champion Chef Ned Bell!

6 Tools Every Guy Needs for a BBQ

6 Tools Every Guy Needs for a BBQ

There’s something primal about barbecuing. Imagine a bunch of cavemen standing around a fire pit: “Man like meat medium rare!” one remarks, pointing to the woolly mammoth roasting on a spit.

Then as now, the social aspects of barbecuing can deliver significant health benefits, but these days, guy-pleasing grilled dishes extend beyond red meat to include salmon with roasted veggies & peanut sauce and grilled avocado & albacore tuna salad.

As well as being the founder of Chefs for Oceans, Chef Ned Bell is extremely handy around the grill. Using the right equipment, he says, is essential for top-notch BBQ. Anything less, he adds, is prehistoric! Here are six of his go-to tools:

1. Spatula


More robust and heat-resistant than their kitchen counterparts, BBQ spatulas are ideal for flipping salmon steaks or turkey burgers that have a tendency to stick to the grill.

 2. Tongs


Essential for transporting just about anything to and from the grill, flipping foods that don’t fall apart, and stirring whatever is cooking in a BBQ basket (which just misses out on making this list).

3. Knife


Whether you’re slicing flank steak right on the grill or checking the progress of plump chicken breasts, a sharp blade can’t be overlooked.

4. Meat thermometer


Then again, why deface a perfect chicken breast when you can insert a thermometer to know if it’s properly cooked?

5. Fork


Just the thing for steadying food on the grill, moving it around, and sneaking a sample bite on the down low.

6. Brush


Simply pouring glazes and sauces onto food is so T-Rex. Evolution gave us the brush, so use it to ensure an even coating of deliciousness.


Is there a BBQ tool you just can’t grill without? Tell other guys about it in the comments below!

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