7 Simple Health Tips for Everyday Living

7 Simple Health Tips for Everyday Living

Simple healthy habits to start right now

Change doesn’t have to be hard. Bananas blow bear paws away, guys. A few small changes throughout your day can lead to big improvements in your energy level, mood, and overall health.

Forming healthy habits can be as easy as swapping sugary breakfast cereal with oatmeal, drinking lots of water, swapping fries for salad when having lunch with the guys, parking a few extra blocks from the office, drinking only one or two beers after work (instead of four or five), and keeping electronics out of the bedroom.

A Healthy Day in Your Life — A few little changes make a big difference in your overall health.

  1. Morning

    Breakfast like a champion: A hearty serving of oatmeal and eggs prevents hunger pangs before lunch. The same can’t be said for sugary cereals, which add to your waistline and can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  2. All day long

    Drink plenty of water: Polishing off five tall glasses between breakfast and dinner makes you more alert and helps manage your weight. You’ll pee like a racehorse, but that’s good too because you’re flushing toxins from your body.

  3. Mid-morning

    Ditch doughnuts, go bananas: Bananas blow bear paws away when it comes to handling pre-lunch hunger. Plus, they boost your energy like nobody’s business. How do you think King Kong made it up the Empire State Building?

  4. Lunch

    Half fries, half salad: Swapping fries for a salad — or going with the old half-and-half compromise — keeps you from crashing hard in the afternoon or feeling like your belt is about to burst.

  5. After work

    Walk this way: Half an hour of physical activity five days a week works wonders for your health, and it’s easy to walk your way there. Get off the bus a few stops early and hoof it home. Or swap your work boots for sneakers and head for a local park. Slap on some headphones, fire up your favourite tunes, and let the good times roll!

  6. Evening

    Drink and be merry: Because it sends stress packing, enjoying a cold one (or two) with your buddies is actually good for you! But don’t get carried away — after all, who wants to wake up with an empty wallet and a hangover?

  7. Bedtime

    For a good night’s sleep actually go to sleep: No way you can sleep in? No problem: Shutting down earlier gets you more shut-eye, while turning off the TV and keeping laptops and other distractions out of the bedroom helps you sleep better. Do the sleep math: Quality plus quantity equals more energy and better concentration throughout your day.

WDo you know any other easy ways to get healthy ? Share your tips for men’s healthy living in the comments below!

This article was originally published on June 8, 2018.

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How to Live it Up With Less Booze

How to Live it Up With Less Booze

Ah, holidays. Winter brews, mulled wine, spiked punch, and egg nog –there are countless ways to get into the holiday spirit. And there’s nothing wrong with the odd boozy beverage — indeed, studies have shown that alcoholic drinks, in moderation, can be beneficial to your health. But at this time of year, the line between moderation and excess can start to blur, and that’s when health problems can rear their ugly heads.

How ugly? A recent study showed that over-consumption of alcohol was one of four factors that cost the national economy $36.7 billion a year in medical services.

No one’s suggesting that you need to completely give up beer, wine, or your favourite cocktail in order to reduce the risks of poor health. Moderation is what’s called for here — we’re talking 10 drinks a week, and no more than 3 a day — and you might be surprised how easy it is to curb your alcohol intake. For the most part it’s a question of changing how and why you drink, and the five tips that follow can help with both issues:

1. Use different glasses
Studies have shown that people pour less wine into narrow glasses than wide ones, which in turn reduces the rate of consumption, and that leaving a glass on the table instead of holding it yields a smaller pour. Likewise, straight-sided beer glasses with measurement markings slow down the rate at which we drink. It’s tricky, but it works.

2. Steer clear of boozy situations
No matter how strong our desire to curb our alcohol intake, parties or nights on the town lead to drinking and, in turn, to over-imbibing. Controlling the environment — say, by inviting friends to your home for dinner — usually leads to less alcohol consumption.

3. Glasses half full

Again, studies have shown that filling glasses only halfway up results in significant reductions in booze intake. Is it laziness? If so, it’s still better than a nasty hangover and the aforementioned longer-term risks.

4. Learn from setbacks

Hey, nobody’s perfect. Despite your best efforts you may still wake up with a hangover; establishing new patterns of behaviour is no easy feat, after all. Don’t beat yourself up over it, as long as you learn from these missteps and make more of an effort to moderate your behaviour next time.

5. Stop equating fun with alcohol

Make a list of activities you enjoy that don’t have to involve booze — playing sports, gardening, photography, getting it on, the list goes on — and slot them in at those times when you’re likely to be tempted to drink. Snap some photos of the sunset when you’re on the dock, for instance, or curtail your deck time with a trip to the bedroom.

Do you know of any other effective booze-moderation tips? Share them in the comments below, and share this list to help your buddies cut down on their drinking.

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