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Try This: Hand Wash Your Car - Don't Change Much

Try This: Hand Wash Your Car

Is your car looking grimy and in need of a wash? Why not give it a hand wash instead of opting for the usual wash at the station?

What you might not realize is you’ll be giving your body a couple of nice health boosts at the same time.

The scrubbing and waxing movements will give your muscles a good workout while getting your heart pumping.

You’ll also benefit from a healthy dose of vitamin D (thanks to the sun). Vitamin D is important for keeping your bones strong and your immune system up.

Think about it – you get to spend some time making your car look great, you’re outside and you get a health boost. It’s a win-win small change!

P.S. If you don’t own a car, then make a huge gesture and offer to wash your parent’s car – that’s a huge win in the bonus points department.


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