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Captain Canuck’s tips for getting fit in 2016

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As a former pro athlete who remains immersed in sports like cross-country skiing and cycling, Trevor Linden, President of Hockey Operations for the Vancouver Canucks, knows the value of staying fit.

“It’s important to get on the path to fitness, even if you’re not that fit right now,” said Trevor, a 20-year NHL veteran in a recent interview with Global’s Noon News Hour B.C. “As we get older, we need to keep using our bodies and staying active.”

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation Champion focused on a resolution that applies to millions of guys across Canada: Work some physical exercise into our daily lives. The five tips he offered to those who need some motivation are compelling:

  1. “Don’t try to do everything at once. Change a little. It’s about making those small gains and making investments in yourself.”
  2. “Make exercise social. Get a friend, make a date. Everyone’s busy, but you have to make time for yourself. Lock it in. You can hold each other accountable, and it’s more fun.”
  3. “Do something you’ve never done before: Go for a walk with a friend or on a hike with your kids. Change things up a little bit; it keeps you motivated and interested.”
  4. “When you write it down, you hold yourself accountable.”
  5. “Even if you’re not too fit, just start somewhere. Add some activity into your routine, whatever it is.”

Then, before delving into the Canucks’ prospects to wrap the interview (watch the video below for more on that) the hosts of Global’s Noon News Hour B.C. asked Trevor about the team’s goals for 2016. “Win tonight!” he replied, with a chuckle.


Fitness Tips from Trevor Linden:

Ready to get started? Check out our Weekly Fitness Challenge for simple exercises that slide seamlessly into your day!

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