Whether it’s lack of sleep, feeling stuck at home, or arguing with a partner, if you’re like most other human beings, you might be struggling with moods so bad lately that it could cause a mass departure of beavers from our great nation.

What we all forget to consider is that these stressful feelings have harmful effects on our bodies. Not only will stress lower your sex drive, the most common effects include frequent headaches, insomnia, and decreased productivity.

Here are 10 ways to get out of a bad mood:

Take a walk

Take a walk and get some fresh air. A super-easy way to shake a bad mood is to simply change your surroundings. Even better, spend time outdoors and in nature. Doing so has been linked to lower stress levels.

Smile: fake it until you make it

Real or fake, the act of smiling triggers your brain to release endorphins, a natural chemical that relieves stress and makes you feel good. Better yet, turn on your favourite comedy. A good laugh helps us release bottled-up emotion.

Pay attention to how you’re breathing

man breathing

When you feel a situation is heating up and you need a quick fix, remember to breathe properly. Simply paying more attention to your breath can instantly lower your stress and increase relaxation. Start by breathing normally and gradually lengthen your exhalation to activate your body’s “chill out” response.

Get it on

Get it on with your partner or fly solo. Orgasms are a powerful stress reliever after a bad day because it stimulates the release of oxytocin, which is a hormone that neutralizes stress in the body pronto.

Take time to smell the roses

Pick out a few pleasant things you can hear, smell or see: your morning coffee, some music from a nearby street performer, or a cute dog walking by. Take a moment to appreciate what’s going on around you. It’s far too easy to get in your head when in a bad mood, so lift your head up and see what’s going on around you.

Move your body

man running

Get moving and blow off steam. If sh*t really hits the fan and you’re feeling extra grouchy, a cardio exercise like running stairs or doing mountain climbing is best. It will help you feel good and diminish stress, making you happier.

Visualize your happy place

Think of your favourite place, image or moment, and keep it positive. Whether you see yourself at the top of the Rocky Mountains or in the front row of a Tragically Hip concert, visualization can help calm you down.

Listen to your favourite tunes

Play some of your favourite music, or get your groove on with our playlist. Music is an emotional trigger and can be an excellent way to clear your mind, allowing you to put the issue into perspective.

Take 5 minutes to do nothing

Recharge the batteries for a couple of minutes. Whatever the situation is, just walk away and shut the door—don’t slam it. Once you’re alone, take a couple deep breaths. Give yourself permission to do nothing for 5 minutes, and then focus your eyes on one thing. Every time you feel your mind wandering, bring it back to the focal point. This slows your brain down for what comes next.

Practice gratitude

You’re stuck in traffic, your boss is getting on your nerves, or your partner’s been on your case lately? Think of something you’re grateful for and take a moment to realize just how lucky you are. This might sound like an obvious thing to do, but stop and list out 5 things you’re grateful for right now. Feeling better yet?

What are some of your go-to ways to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling miserable? Please share in the comments below!

This article was originally published on April 9, 2015.

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