Starting your day with a morning workout might sound like a lofty idea, especially if your schedule already feels jam-packed. But here’s the good news, guys: even if you only have 10 minutes in the morning to fit in some exercise, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits for the rest of your day. 

Benefits of starting your day with a workout

Here are 5 reasons you’ll want to begin your day with an easy 10-minute workout routine.

Fewer distractions

If you find yourself getting busier as the day goes on, the evening workout you’ve pencilled can often fall by the wayside. A better plan is to do your workout first thing in the morning. It’s an easy way to introduce—and maintain—physical activity into your routine BEFORE the day’s responsibilities pile up and distract you from your good intentions.

More energy

In the late afternoon or evening, energy levels tend to dip. Less energy can make even the shortest session feel like a gruelling challenge, tempting you to skip exercise altogether. 

In the morning, your energy levels are typically higher, so you’ll be able to get the most out of your morning workout session.

Healthier food choices

Fueling up for a morning workout means eating right. When you make an effort to exercise, eating a healthy breakfast becomes easier to do. Here are some quick and easy breakfast ideas you can add to your healthy, new morning routine.

Increased focus

Exercise is an excellent tool for boosting energy and reducing fatigue. When you increase your heart rate by moving, oxygen travels to your heart and lungs, improving your cardiovascular system, endurance, and stamina. When you make morning workouts a regular part of your routine, you’ll notice a consistent boost in your energy, powering you through the day.

With increased energy levels and alertness, imagine how your focus and productivity can improve

Improved mood

Exercise is a tried-and-true method to lower stress and release endorphins (a “feel good” hormone) in your brain. Starting your day with a workout can help you start your day on a positive note. 

Speaking of feeling good, join men across Canada in June for Move For Your Mental Health. Exercise is so good for your mental health we dedicated an entire month to promoting it!

Is 10 minutes long enough?

The short answer is: yes! Research has found that 10-minute workouts can help improve your health and fitness, particularly if you aren’t used to exercising. 

Scheduling gym time or a long workout can feel overwhelming, especially on busy days. Planning for only 10 minutes of exercise instead makes a workout easier to fit in and makes building a consistent habit achievable for anyone.

Even simple stretching counts as exercise

Don’t feel discouraged if breaking a sweat sounds too hard when you first roll out of bed. Some simple morning stretches can also positively impact the rest of your day and provide plenty of health benefits.

There are two types of stretches—static (holding stretches) and dynamic (moving muscles and joints through their full range of motion). Dynamic stretching can help wake you up and prepare your body for the day ahead.

On top of boosting focus and concentration, stretching can also reduce morning muscle stiffness. Practicing breathwork along with your stretches and setting your intentions for the day can support your physical and mental health.

A low-impact cardio routine 

When you begin a new exercise routine or if you haven’t worked out in a while, it’s important to start with simple, low-impact exercises before moving to harder ones. If you need inspiration, try this all-level low-impact cardio workout I put together at Club 16 that almost everyone can do. 

What is your most favourite (or least favourite) thing about the morning? Share in the comments below.

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