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Get Active

Get Active: Health Tips For Men

No gym membership? No workout gear? No problem! Here you’ll find everything you need to fit some easy exercise into your day. Let’s get ready to rumble! (Or walk, stretch, hike, take the stairs…)

Eat Healthier

Eat Healthier: Health Tips For Men

You are what you eat. That’s why healthy foods make you a strong, happy, and healthy guy. It’s also why this website is jammed with everything from snack tips and brown-bag lunch ideas to crowd-pleasing recipes and easy ways to be a boss in the kitchen.

Lower Stress

Wrestling the Winter Slump

Wrestling the Winter Slump

Need to get motivated in life again? Instead of setting a high bar right away, start small with one little goal at a time.

7 Ways to Reduce Binge-Watching

Are you interested in binge-watching a little bit less? Is it actually bad to watch too much TV? Find out here alongside a few easy tips to reduce screen time.

Sleep Better

Drink Less

Simple Ways to Avoid a Hangover

Simple Ways to Avoid a Hangover

Small changes to how you drink alcohol will have a big impact – like no hangovers and being better in bed! You don’t have to give up your Patiala Peg to be healthy

Drink Less: Health Tips For Men

As awesome as a cold beer tastes on a hot day, overdoing it with booze does a number on your health and your wallet. That’s why these easy tips for reducing your alcohol intake are so awesome. Goodbye hangovers, hello healthiness!

Five Ways to Stop Stress Drinking

What can you do to reduce stress beyond reaching for a cold one in the fridge? Here are five simple, stress-reducing tips for you to try the next time that beer is calling.

Quit Smoking

No time for a checkup?

Try Men’s Health Check

Free online health tool for men helps you figure out when to see a doctor with a quick and easy snapshot of your current and future health.

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